Sell your home, Max value, less stress

We have simplified the home sale process to make it fast, efficient and provide you the max value on your trasaction.

There are several important steps you must consider when thinking about selling your home.

Whether you are a for sale by owner, or you are using an agent to sell your home the process will be the same. Although the specific details will always be different depending on your state, however the checklist below can act as a general guide.

Choose between an agent/self representation:

If you choose to be represented by an agent, know that this individual needs to hold a fiduciary responsibility to you as their client. Interview several agents to narrow in on the one who will look out for your best interests .

 Find Out the Value of Your Home

 Do your own research or ask an agent (always recommended), stay reasonable with your prices, manage your numbers within   the existing/related market.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Get ready to maximize the return on the sale via making repairs, cleaning and improving the curb appeal.

Market Your Home

Look out for the most unique factors and selling points. Use proper photography, marketing plans and more.

Show the Property

Open your home to the public, make it available for scheduled showings and be sure to ask for feedback to understand what the buyers are thinking.


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Time for Negotiations

A tricky subject, but if your home is priced right, you’ll receive a lot of offers. Don’t ignore them, always give your counter-offer. You and your agent need to stay ready.

Secure Escrow and Title

Your agent will order a title policy for your home, write the closing date and the contact info. The money deposit is required to secure your home off the market.

Schedule an Appraisal Appointment

After all, if you feel that the appraisal comes too low, ask for alternative appraisal options, in any unwanted case, ask your agent about your rights and losses incurred.

The Home Inspection

Make sure any areas are free of clutter and accessible for the inspector, secure any space possible for incoming termite, pest/rodent or plumbing inspections.

Seller Disclosures

Required by state laws, Some seller disclosures include lead-based paint, these are a good way to show a sign of faith to the buyer.

The Buyer May Request Repairs

If this happens you have the right to deny, negotiate or take care of these repairs on your behalf, ask for a copy of the home inspection to substantiate any of these claims.


The Final Closing Procedures

All closing details will be specified in the contract, but depending on the state you live in, the way in which the buyer will take the actual ownership of the property.


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The AFTHA Program helps bridge the gap between the haves and haves not. In short, our mission is to freely offer our service to the people that need it most, with the hope of strengthening our economy one family at a time.